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2018 Auto-Trail, Adria, Burstner, Carthago and Carado at Chelston 



The latest 2018 motorhomes from the top manufacturers will be in stock at ChesltonMotorhomes in the new year.

New Adria Motorhomes in our 2018 range

Adria New Motorhomes in our 2018 range, there is bound to be the perfect motorhome for you. Intelligently designed, award-winning products. Made in Europe's leading state-of-the-art facilities and supported by an extensive professional dealer in Chelston Motorhomes. The New Adria Motorhomes range includes Sonic Supreme, Sonic Plus, Sonic Axess, Matrix Supreme, Matrix Axess, Coral Supreme, Coral Plus, Coral Axess and Compact Ranges.

New Auto-Trail Motorhomes in our 2018 range
Our 2018 collection features new models, revised layouts and added value – especially in our popular Apache, Tracker and flagship Frontier ranges. We recognise that in today’s competitive market we need to constantly push the boundaries of design and development to ensure we strengthen our position as the UK’s leading motorhome manufacturer. On the following pages, you’ll find details of larger beds, improved washrooms and kitchens, layout refinements and three new models.

New Burstner Motorhomes in our 2018 range
New 2018 Burstner Motorhomes from Chelston Motorhomes. Your personal taste is the deciding factor: Whether you decide to travel as a couple or with the entire family – independence becomes sheer enjoyment with a Bürstner motorhome. Ranging from maneuverable motorhomes at affordable prices to elegant luxury suites on wheels and spacious giants with up to six seats – we have vehicles to fulfil your every wish. The 2018 Burstner Motorhome range includes City Car,  Lyseo Range, Travel Van, Ixeo, Elegance, Burstner Argos and the Burstner Motorhome Special Edition 30

New Carado Motorhomes in our 2018 range
The 2018 Carado motorhomes offer a unique sense of spaciousness in the large living area thanks to the seamless transition between the cab and the interior. The A-Class is based on the reliable Fiat Ducato Chassis, the attractive front and two clever layouts have been designed by Carado to meet the highest demands. The Euro 6 engine, the ABS system with Electronic Brake-force Distribution ensure safe and relaxed driving characteristics on every road surface and every weather. 

New Carthago Motorhomes in our 2018 range
Chelston Motorhomes are proud to present the New 2018 Carthago Ranges. Carthago 2018 Compactline Range, Carthago 2018 Chic C Line Range, Carthago 2018 C Tourer T Range, Carthago 2018 Chic E-Line Range, Carthago 2018 Highliner range, Carthago 2018 C Tourer T Range.

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