Chelston Protect Warranty


Chelston Motorhome Protect Used Warranty

Our Chelston Motorhome Protect warranty is provided with every used motorhome we sell. It has been developed to provide Chelston customers with a comprehensive motorhome warranty that is more extensive in its coverage, allows for a faster response and is easier to understand.

Unlike other insurance backed warranties, Chelston Protect is dealer backed. This means that there is no third party to consult in order to get a decision. Our Chelston Motorhome Protect warranty contains no small print or hard to read clauses and is designed to give you total peace of mind.

There are many reasons why we feel that the Chelston Protect is the best-used motorhome warranty on the market today, here are 10 of them.

10 Reasons To Choose Chelston Protect

  1.  Clear and Concise Documentation.
  2.  No third party referrals.
  3.  Decisions made on the spot.
  4.  Repairs completed on Chelston site or through our UK network.
  5.  Dedicated Warranty Managers.
  6.  Designed specifically for Motorhome Owners.
  7.  Travel anywhere with confidence and peace of mind.
  8.  No small print or hidden clauses.
  9.  100% Dealer backed warranty.
  10.  Personal aftersales contact on handover.

Speak to our friendly, expert team now, call Chelston on 01823 662075 to find out more about the Chelston Protect Warranty.


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