New 2018 Carthago C-Tourer I 144LE


The 2018 C Tourer I 144LE from Carthago 


Now £79,995  Was £88,770    SAVING £8,775

Brand new and unregistered 2018 model Fiat Carthago C-Tourer i144LE with an interior layout featuring a rear bedroom with twin fixed single beds and an ensuite washroom with separate shower cubicle. The central kitchen includes a mini grill oven which is situated above a 145L slimline fridge freezer. At the front is a lounge dinette in Venezia upholstery which offers two forward facing passenger seatbelts. A pull down double bed above the cab seats provides an additional two berths. This vehicle comes fitted with the Chassis Pack, Comfort Pack and the 22 inch Media Pack from Carthago.

The Carthago c-tourer is a successful model. The equally super-lightweight and super-solid series has taken the 3.5-ton class in a unique manner. The Carthago standard main body width of 2.27 m offers the highest level of living comfort. Naturally, the c-tourer is equipped with the top main body design of the Liner premium class, the Carthago double floor Technology and a high-quality AL-KO low frame chassis. And all of this with an unbeatable low weight. As well as the typical quality and comfort features of Carthago, this means that you have additional payload - even within the 3.5 tonnes weight limit. If this is not enough for you, then simply choose the version with up to 4.25 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

Model series strengths

+ Weight class: Compact floor plans with short vehicle length suitable for the 3.5 tonnes weight class as well as comfort conscious floor plans with longer vehicle lengths up to 4.25 tonnes total permissible weight, Carthago Lightweight Technology

+ Chassis: Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame Special “light”, wide track rear axle, 198 cm, safety package as standard: Airbag, ESP, ABS, Hillholder, Traction Control, Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept

+ Living comfort: Extravagant furniture series with designer cabinet element in the shape of a vertical wave, L-shaped lounge seating group with side seat bench for 5 persons (optional 5th seat belt location), galley or corner kitchen with professional gourmet cooker and 6 large drawers, separable changing room model dependent), one-level living area floor,pull-out access steps for lengthways single beds

+ Storage space: Climate storage double floor: 17 cm double floor storage compartment “space”, 48 cm usable height, two large exterior hatches, central through-loading space, double floor basement, 42cm usable depth, double floor storage box with 40 cm usable depth, scooter garage: interior height up to 120 cm, load capacity up to 350 kg

+ Self-sufficiency: 150 litres fresh water, 140 litres wastewater, 1 x 80 Ah gel batteries (can be increased to 2 x 80 Ah)

+ Air conditioning/heating system: Hot air storage heating system Truma Combi 6 double floor climate storage with underfloor heating effect, optional ALDE warm water central heating (model-dependent)

Basic vehicle 

  • 2.3 l diesel Multi-Jet engine 130 PS (96 kW), 4 cylinders, 320 Nm, Euro 6, 6-speed gearbox, front-wheel drive
  • Driver/passenger airbag, ABS, electronic immobiliser, EPS, ASR, Hillholder, Hill Descend Control (descending aid), Traction Plus
  • LED daytime driving light
  • Mud flaps on front and rear axle
  • Fuel tank 90 l

Main cabin

  • A completely wood-free body shell
  • GRP roof outer shell = hail protection, floor panel with GRP top and bottom = moisture and stone chipping resistant and will not rot
  • Roof/wall connection via curved roof and frame member = contribution towards chassis rigidity
  • Side walls / rear wall: Aluminium on outside and inside (heat storage effect - 1000 x higher conductivity)
  • Thermal bridge-free and highly stable chassis connection via shape-fitting bonded aluminium frame members with additional cold-stop
  • Side roof rack system for easy accessory attachment and rain deflection
  • Roof surface can be walked on
  • Total wall and roof thickness, 38 mm
  • Carthago lighting protection tested: Faraday cage thanks to the chassis interior being made of aluminium and additional lightning deflection
  • Tightness guarantee for up to 10 years (6 standard + 4 optional)
  • Exterior hatches made from the original side wall material “Carthago Isoplus” for uninterrupted insulation
  • Double flap seal: internal/external (outer seal as splash water protection)
  • Fuel tank lid flush-mounted into the side wall (car standard)
  • Segmented side skirts made from aluminium extruded profiles, powder coated (easy to repair)
  • 4-part rear frame with separate rear bumper (easy to repair)
  • Carthago rear lights with modern design with Carthago “C” branding as LED lights
  • Seitz S4 cabin window, double frame with no thermal bridge, with insulated glazing, insect screen roller blind, blackout blind and window opening device
  • Main cabin door “premium one”, with door limiter and door window
  • Exterior LED light above cabin door with integrated rain deflector
  • Electrically extending entrance step, additional operation via driver’s cabin and warning buzzer
  • Cabin door entrance lowered into an insulated double floor, with targeted heating to prevent influence of cold
  • Carthago entry lighting in entrance area
  • Safety key system for all cabin doors and hatches

Carthago driver’s cabin concept

  • Driver’s cabin visibility concept with active dashboard lowered towards the front for extra-early visibility of the road.
  • Pleated windscreen blind with honeycomb for best possible insulation with vertical operation and flexible deployment (black-out, sun visor, privacy, protection from heat and cold)
  • Carthago “best view” bus mirror system with large main angle and wide angle for perfect all-around vision, electrically adjustable
  • Single level transition from living area to driver’s cabin
  • Front mask in high-quality, double-shell GRP structure with insulation, attachment parts can be replaced separately
  • Rotating driver and passenger comfort seats Aguti “Roadliner” including logo in fine wood inlays, covered in same material as living area, with integrated seat belts and adjustable armrests at both sides
  • Driver’s cabin door with security double locking, electrically adjustable windows and additional rain gutter
  • Low and thus comfortable door entrance
  • Blackout blinds rear side windows (operated from the sides)
  • Large sideboard with practical storage space at the passenger side.
  • LED ambient lighting in the driver’s cabin 
  • Engine compartment noise insulation with extra “Silence” noise insulation package
  • Driver’s cabin access with practical shelf and entrance lighting
  • 230 V / 12 V socket in the driver’s cabin/seating group area


Climate storage double floor

  • Stepless, continuous floor in living area
  • Onboard technology, mount, storage space and climate storage, underfloor heating, contributes to driving stability
  • Fully heated double floor, continuous double floor height of 170 mm
  • Underfloor heating: heat storage in the insulated double floor, radiation from below into the entire living area floor
  • Double floor basement storage compartment with integrated central water drain lowered extra-deep in the entrance area (usable depth 420 mm) - can also be operated from the outside through the main cabin door, bilge hatch with 2 “easy open” hinges, additional double floor storage compartment with usable depth of 400 mm
  • Exterior storage compartment “easy entry” in heated double floor, high loading height, through large exterior hatches, storage compartment integrated beneath the seat bench and double floor = through-loading storage space from both sides (load from the outside, unload from the inside)
  • LED lighting of the double floor storage compartment

Scooter garage  

  • Large scooter garage, extra low for more interior height
  • Lowering via shape-fitting, bonded frame members = can be loaded up to 350 kg
  • Access via large garage door at passenger side and additional door at driver’s side
  • Garage floor: Original floor panel with GRP on outside and inside, garage floor with anti-slip coating
  • Garage insulated all round and heated – frostproof
  • Loading made simple by low edge and large interior garage height
  • Lashing system for securing the luggage using stable frame members with flexible adjustable eyelets
  • 230 V socket

Interior design

  • Furniture surface in bright ash tree decor with inserts in high-gloss ivo
  • Kitchen fronts and overhead storage cabinets in bicolour bright ash tree / high-gloss ivory
  • Kitchen work surface in scratch-resistant shale decor

Living area

  • L-lounge seating group with side seat bench and two 3-point seat belts, space for up to 5 persons
  • 360° luxury living area table can be moved in 2 directions and also turned 360° (via foot pedal)
  • Shoe cabinet with storage system integrated into the base of the seat bench
  • Living area seat upholstery with premium multi-layer foam core and back support function
  • Seat bench cover to double floor storage compartment with patented fitting, thus easy to open without having to remove the upholstery
  • Furniture surface in bright ash tree decor with inserts in high-gloss ivory
  • “Durafix” double connection technology: Furniture parts bolted and mortised = durable joins, top stability and permanent quietness without annoying furniture-rattling noises during travel
  • Solid metal, household-quality holder rods, hinges and rails
  • Door closer with soft cushioning prevents noises while travelling
  • Curtain system can be completely removed for cleaning, additional decorative hangings matching living area upholstery
  • Wall and roof inside with textile climate-regulating wall covering for an exclusive living room atmosphere and regulation of the living area climate


  • Robust kitchen work surface with anti-drip edge
  • Work surface lit from underneath with LED light strip
  • Kitchen unit with integrated waste bin, left and right drawers with cutlery insert
  • “Easy glide” drawers on rollers, self-closing with anti-slam
  • “Profi Gourmet” 3-ring hob with split glass cover for additional surface space, robust cast iron grate and easy to clean glass surface
  • Stainless steel round sink flush mounted in the worktop, with split and multifunctional sink cover (flush work surface, cutting board or additional storage area)
  • Practical wall holder for sink cover as additional work surface/cutting board
  • Water fitting, high, with metal tap and high-quality ceramic seal
  • Kitchen rear wall in cream decorative glass
  • Fridge 160 l volume (models 143, 144: Slimtower 145 l) with separate freezer compartment, automatic energy source finder 12 V / 230 V / gas (Comfort Package)

Dressing room:

  • Changing room that can be separated from the living area
  • Room pleated dividing blind for dividing off the changing room and bedroom (148, 149, 150)
  • Sliding door for separating the bathroom and the living area (144 LE/ QB) 

Compact combined bathroom with round shower that can be divided off:

  • Completely separable round shower with wrap-around door
  • Shower tray with 2 drains for situation independent water drainage
  • Height-adjustable hand shower on chrome shower stack
  • Mini-Heki skylight in washing area
  • Cupboard under wash basin with basket for dirty washing
  • Large mirror storage cabinet with shelves
  • Single mixer tap with high-quality ceramic sealing
  • Thetford C 260 standard cassette toilet 


  • Separate, spacious shower room at opposite side with two position-independent Drains 
  • “One level” shower access
  • Shower with integrated shower insert with same design as living room floor, easy to remove for cleaning (not models 144)
  • Showerhead height-adjustable on chrome rail
  • Washing room with mini Heki skylight
  • Cupboard under wash basin with basket for dirty washing
  • Single mixer tap with high-quality ceramic sealing
  • Thetford C 260 standard cassette toilet
  • Space-saving sliding/linked door (144 LE/144 QB)
  • Solid bathroom door with metal handle locking and door locking. When open: Room separation from living area function


  • Shelf with front flap beneath the fold-down bed, lockable at both sides
  • Largest sleeping area 195 x 160 cm in its class
  • Two-part slatted frame and quality mattress
  • Extra-low bed = Convenient access to the bed and generous seating height in the bed, bed access via side seat (no ladder required)
  • Stable and wobble-free in lowered sleeping position
  • Bookshelf and LED spotlights
  • Dividing curtain between fold-down bed and living area

Fixed beds in the rear area:

  • Two-part heated and ventilated slatted frame
  • Quality 7-zone cold foam mattress for optimal and healthy sleeping comfort
  • Lengthways single beds / queen-size bed: adjustable headboard
  • Sleeping area extension between the lengthways single beds using additional mattress (no ladder needed, not model 144 LE)
  • Convenient access steps can be extended towards the front when using the sleeping area extension
  • Lengthways single beds: TV cabinet in bedroom with shelf (not 144 LE)
  • Mini Heki skylight above rear bed 
  • All-round roof storage compartment with large storage volume

On board technology 

  • Frost-protected fresh and waste water tanks positioned for optimal centre of gravity and integrated in heated double floor
  • Fresh and waste water tanks with cleaning opening accessible through living area and scooter garage floor hatch
  • Drain cocks frost-protected and in easily accessible location in double floor (central water drain)
  • Water supply via low-maintenance and reliable water pressure pump system  


  • Gas compartment on outside at low level, therefore easy access
  • Models 138, 143 gas box in rear area, conveniently accessible through separate gas box door
  • Takes two 11 kg gas bottles, separate exterior hatch with holder
  • Gas taps easily accessible in kitchen area


  • Electrical centre, easily accessible in rear garage including charger/fuses / fuse protection, 16 A automatic charger, electronic control, automatic shut-off in the event of low voltage, including starter battery charging function
  • Battery centre with 1 x 80 Ah gel battery, heated, can be accessed from outside, with main power switch, preparation for 2nd add-on battery available
  • Truma CP+ digital operating panel for warm air heating, easy to operate, behind technical panel above entrance door, easy to operate
  • 230 V sockets in kitchen, bathroom and entrance area
  • 12 V socket in the driver’s cabin/seating group area

Innovative lighting concept:

  • LED spotlights in living area above seating group beneath overhead storage cabinets and beneath rear bed, kitchen and folding bed overhead storage cabinets
  • Ceiling canopy with additional LED spotlights and indirect LED lighting for cosy ambience 

Heating technology

  • Truma Combi 6 hot air storage heating system, gas powered
  • Numerous hot air outlets in driver’s cabin, dashboard support in driver’s cabin, entry door, living area, double floor as well as in the rear garage
  • Targeted dashboard heating for additional driver’s cabin heating: dashboard acts as “radiator” with widespread heating effect
  • Underfloor heating from heated climate storage double floor 

2018 Carthago packs

Chassis Package

  • Driver’s cabin automatic air conditioning
  • Cruise control  
  • Bus mirror “bestview” with bus mirror housing in black / white, electric adjustable  
  • Angle and height adjustable seat surfaces (front and back) driver’s cabin seats  
  • Dashboard finish with fine wood inlays and air vents in silver  
  • Wheel trims with Carthago emblem  
  • Radio wiring: Roof aerial with DVB-T2 reception, 2 speakers in driver’s cabin and 2 above lounge seating Group

Comfort Package

  • Midi-Heki skylight (700 x 500 mm) with ceiling canopy above living area seating  
  • AES fridge 160 l volume instead of standard (models 143, 144: Slimtower 145 l)  
  • Cabin door anti-insect blind  
  • SOG toilet fan, ventilation via roof chimney  
  • Waste water hose set for comfortable disposal  
  • USB socket in the overhead storage cabinet above rear bed  
  • Wiring for electric roof-mounted fan  
  • Wiring for solar system  
  • Wiring for satellite system  
  • Wiring for reversing camera (single lens)  
  • Preparation for television: TV pull-out system incl. connection set inside seat bench backrest (models 138, 143: in overhead storage cabinet above seating group, models 144: wall holder in the entrance area)

Media Package

  • Radio / DVD double DIN with large touchscreen  
  • Carthago reversing camera system with single lens integrated in rear part and 7" monitor at side of Dashboard
  • 22" LED flat screen incl. receiver (Models 142, 143, 147, 148, 149, 150)
  • 24" LED flat screen incl. Receiver (Models 138, 142 QB, 144)

Polar Package Truma 

  • Insulating mat for front windscreen outside  
  • Insulating mat for driver’s cabin footwell  
  • Insulating double-glazed side/door windows in driver’s cabin  
  • Truma Combi 6E (additional electric heating element 2 x 900 Watt/230 V)  
  • Engine heat exchanger with hot air function

Polar Package ALDE

  • Insulating mat for front windscreen outside  
  • Insulating mat for foot area driver’s cabin inside  
  • Insulating double-glazed side/door windows in driver’s cabin  
  • ALDE hot water heating with booster driver’s cabin  
  • ALDE heat exchanger for heating living area with engine heat while travelling

Bedroom TV package 

  • Carthago special TV pull-out system for standard TV cabinet in bedroom (can be extended as far as the middle aisle) incl. connection set  
  • 24" LED flat screen

Bedroom TV package 2

  • Carthago TV furniture preparation with swivel-out TV holder in bedroom incl. connection set
  • 24" LED flat screen


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